cameraAs a casting director, I often gave actors adjustments and direction when they auditioned at my office. There was always logic behind the adjustment or direction. One, I was curious to know if the actor could make an adjustment or take a direction.  Two, the only material the actor received was sides and I wanted to offer the actor some insight about the story and character in order to see how it affected his or her performance.  Three, I simply wanted to steer the actor in another direction because I interpreted the material differently than the actor and wanted to see how it played. The response to the redirect was frequently, “but my coach told me…!”…Actors!  Please understand that coaches are not always right, just as casting directors are not always right because acting is not an exact science.  Yes, a coach can help, but you’re the one in front of that producer, director, casting director – auditioning. Will the coaching you received a few hours ago or last night stay with you through the audition?  You hope so, but actors get nervous, intimidated, distracted, etc.

Don’t get me wrong; coaches can be great for helping actors break down a script, for guiding an actor to be specific about her character’s back-story, for making the actor feel confident about his choices, but these are skills an actor should acquire from being in a really good acting class. Acting is like anything else in life: there are no quick fixes.

I attend all taping sessions related to the actor’s coaching. (*PLEASE SEE BELOW)  Why – because I’m watching the end result of the performance and seeing that my work as a coach actually helped to improve the actor’s audition.



1 Hour – $60.00

2 Hours – $100.00

*After Nan provides coaching, she will attend the actor’s taping session for NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE (as long as it runs no longer than 1 hour and can work with her schedule.)

All clients currently in ongoing classes will receive 20% off coaching rates.