Class Policies



Class absences and tardiness are not acceptable, and will have a negative effect upon your fellow classmates and your ability to learn. Please, make every effort to be in class.  Acting is not a craft that is often done alone, unless your performing monologues or presenting a solo performance.  If you are doing scene work please respect your partner and be there for them. All the classes are structured and cover specific concepts and skills you need to know if you want to master your craft.   There are no credits for time missed other than a booked acting job or a matter of importance discussed well in advance and approved by the studio. Thank you-


When you sign up for class, you are making a commitment for the time allotted.  New students will be added at Nan’s discretion.  A four (4) week notice must be given if dropping a continuing class schedule or twelve (12) week commitment schedule.


Payments may be made in the form of a personal check, using the Nan Dutton Studio website PayPal service or credit card service, money order, and or cash; for classes and taped coaching sessions.


Are non-refundable. The purpose of the deposit for first time students is to guarantee you a position in the class.  If you are a first time student, your deposit is due a week before the start of your class and will be applied to your first month’s payment.

Class Payments:

A deposit of $80 is due a week before the first day of class.  The remainder of the tuition is due on the first day of class. Ongoing classes must be paid every 4 weeks.

Returned Checks: 

If any checks are returned the full amount of the check must be paid along with any additional fees charged to Nan Dutton Studio by her bank.